Commercial and Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Ducts, Inc. is a leader in the design and installation of commercial and industrial dust collection systems. From consulting and custom design, to installation and service, we know dust collection end-to-end. And, we use that knowledge to provide custom dust collection systems tailored to your specific needs and code requirements. Our in-house shop handles the fabrication of both duct and fittings allowing us to complete the work end-to-end. We also maintain and service dust collection systems to protect your investment.

We work with the movement of materials like metals, explosive metals, wood, paper, plastics and pharmaceuticals. We also design and consult for any size environment from  a small workshop or lab up to a large industrial plant or commercial building. 

Additionally, we work in complex environments that require explosion dampers and extinguishing systems.  We’ve carved a niche in the industry, with our precision, quality and safety, throughout Phoenix for over 40 years.